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Fairytale kingdom Riga, Latvia

Latvia, a pearl of Baltics, loaded with colourful fixings, green forests, coastal beaches and splendid palaces of Art Nouveau. It took this small country 25 years to get back on its feet after Communism, but finally , the treasure of Baltic is ready to shine! The capital is Riga, it's also the unofficial capital of Baltic States, also the European…

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The pearl of the North

Riga, a fairy-tale kingdom

People tend to call the Baltic states a sandwich, and Latvia is the meat, not just because it's in the middle, and not because the neighbours Estonia and Lithuania are just the cover, Latvia does a hell of a job and has the treasures of it own, to merit the Meat status. There are many,qualifying the capital Riga, as "The paris of the North", or…

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European Capital of Culture

Riga, Force Majeure

Today, 17th of January 2014 Riga becomes the European Capital of Culture, this title is one of the most successful and high-profile cultural initiatives of the European Union. All the cities are selected on the basis of their cultural programs and activities that all must have a strong European dimension. Riga has prepared special programs and…

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Riga, pearl of the Baltic States

Unique lavish beauty and timeless elegance

While visiting all the most famous places in the world, some of them might be just a publicity boom, commercial trap or rich place, where everyone goes, you might get lost by choosing the country to visit, there are bunch of places that are hundred time better than the top destinations, but somehow they aren't that well represented. Let's be…

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Go Blonde Riga, Blondes will shake the world!

Charity with humour, Jurmala Beach

When back in 2009 one of the Baltic capitals Riga was in economic crises, blond girls saved the country fulfilled with tourists attracting them with great blond parade trough the beautiful capital. All the country needed was a distraction from every day life to boost their morale, so leaded by former Mrs. Universe Marika Gederte, the blondes took…

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Black heads house

Old Riga

Riga is the capital city of Latvia and is home to nearly a third of the country's population. In the summer months, the weather averages around 20 degrees centigrade, but can exceed 30 on the hottest days. June through September are also when the country sees its highest rain fall, (around 2 to 3 inches). The city operates a huge number of…

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Go Blonde Riga

Biggest Blonde Charity Parade

When back in 2009 Latvian economy was in crisis, it seemed that nothing can help, Latvian Blonde Association entered, led by former Mrs. Universe Marika Gederte, who decided to do something about it, the goal was to make a great publicity help to raise money to help build a playground for disabled children in Riga. And what could attract more…

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Castle of the Lights

Symbol of Latvias freedom

Before Latvia restored its independence in 1991, the tense relationship with Russians has been almost the main issue for the process to build a new nation, the government of Latvia once again talked about the need to build a national library building. Just one year after Latvia declared its independence from Soviet Union, the Minister Cabinet…


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